2016 harvard iranian weekend

The inaugural HIW theme was “Dialogue," which reflects our belief that open discussion is critical to developing the mutual understanding necessary to overcome many of the current challenges involving Iran and the Iranian community. Featured panels included: foreign policy, journalism, public service, business, technology, and the arts. We hosted an exceptional line-up of high-caliber speakers, including government officials, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, journalists, and leaders who are collectively making a difference within our community. 

2017 harvard iranian weekend

The 2017 HIW theme was “Engage.” Whether in advancing our culture, exploring the world of policy, or making meaningful contributions in science, entrepreneurship, and beyond – active engagement is critical to our collective success. Featured panels included: cuisine, science, tech entrepreneurship in Iran, policy, entrepreneurship in the US, and performing art. Once again, we hosted an exceptional roster of speakers, including entrepreneurs in Iran and the United States, performing artists, academics, government officials, scientists, and business leaders.

Iranian Summit at Harvard.png

2018 iranian summit at harvard

In 2018, Harvard Iranian Weekend was presented under the umbrella of the first-ever Iranian Summit at Harvard, in partnership with the Harvard College Iranian Association (HCIA).

The 2018 theme was “Connect.”  Whether through film, music, fashion, storytelling, futuristic technologies, and beyond – there is far more that connects us than divides us.  We hosted an incredible roster of speakers, including entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, filmmakers, academics, scientists, investors, and community leaders.

Please visit the Iranian Summit at Harvard website to learn more about past and upcoming conferences.